Most young people we speak to are unsure what they want to do for a career or what options are available for post 16. It is a requirement that all young people remain in education or training up until the age of 18. But what if school or education isn’t right for you? What if you would like to experience the world of work? Well, you can. And earn money, all while gaining recognised qualifications with a clear progression route. ITG are here to work with you on that journey from year 7 onwards. We’ll provide information on what options are available, talk about what employers want from candidates, build your CV and conduct some mock interviews to get you prepared and give you useful techniques. We will also give you access to various tests to help you define what types of roles you may like. Are you more hands on? Are you detail focus? Are you creative?

We can also help analyse how you like to learn. That can make a big difference. If you’re 16 or above, you can contact us direct or get in touch with your careers lead in school at any age and ask them to give us a call.


Since the introduction of the Gatsby Benchmarks the careers guidance approach within schools has changed. And we’d like to think for the better. ITG is here to provide a fully managed service or to just drop in for sessions as and when required. We have partnerships with leading training providers and employers across multiple sectors who believe in what we are doing and share in our philosophy. We have a shared commitment to quality led, informed pathways for young people to best explore their options when considering careers and further training. Our services include VAK Testing, Aptitude Testing, Learning About Careers, Creating CV’s, Skills Analysis, Assessing Employer Needs, Introduction to Apprenticeships and Work-based Qualifications, Mock Interviews & Techniques, Work Experience, Placements and Pathways to Specific Jobs. We are also here to signpost young people to additional services such as in Mental Health & Wellbeing.

Training Providers

In our work with schools, we work with cohorts of candidates on areas such as CV Building, Interview Skills, Industry Knowledge and Placements & Work Experience. Alongside this, with aptitude testing and 1-2-1’s, we can help signpost training and employment pathways for pre-qualified candidates who have experience and knowledge. 

We are always looking for quality training providers to offer apprenticeship and training opportunities for our candidates and employer partners. We want to work with organisations who share our commitment to quality and who can fit in with our ethos of being a supportive step on a holistic pathway.

Our training providers can also take advantage of using our Flagstone app to further support our candidates’ journey and gain essential feedback. This app links our candidates to approved training providers and employers and tracks their journey from Year 7 to completion of their training. We want our providers to be the first place our candidates think of to provide their apprenticeship training and progression opportunities. We will be there every step of the way and along with our employer partners we’ll provide a transparent, knowledge led, empowering journey that each candidate can be proud of.


Employees are the lifeblood of any organisation, but recruitment can be hard. This can be even harder when taking a young person straight out of education who doesn’t have any
work history. At ITG we work with schools to inform and empower their students. We teach them about different industries and the skills that employers are looking for whilst working on their CV, interview techniques and providing a variety of aptitude tests and knowledge sessions. This is a process that very much benefits from employer input. We aim to identify all the pathways available for the career they want and are best suited. We are always seeking employer partners to work with us closely on our candidate’s journey. Employers who want to help shape the workforce of tomorrow by providing placements, work experience and ultimately sustainable and rewarding apprenticeship roles.

We also offer a Social Value Recruitment service to employers wishing to grow their organisation but also give back. Employers who share our belief that there should be equal access to opportunity for rewarding jobs and that sometimes attitude is more important than experience. We are looking for Employers to sign our Social Recruitment Charter and commit to making a difference, whether that is with one new starter or one hundred. We can provide a consultancy service to help you develop your social value recruitment at each stage of the onboarding process.

Contact us today to see how we can work together.

Local Authority

The more partners who share our philosophy the better. Although primarily lead by education establishments, Local Authorities retain an obligation with regards to career pathway provision, the September Guarantee and identifying young people at risk of becoming not in education, employment or training (NEET). Our work from year 7 onwards can help identify such candidates and work with them to provide a focussed and knowledgeable progression path post 16. We work with our training provider and employer partners to equip young people with the skills and information, advice and guidance needed to make the right choices for them.

Our Flagstone app has been developed to track the careers education journey of all our learners from year 7 right through to 3 years after leaving education. This journey can be fed in to by their school, training providers and employers and allows learners to seek further knowledge and have access to placements and work experience. It is important for us that we can allow access to parents to engage with us and their child for the length of this pathway. Flagstone can also be used to signpost young people to support networks such as in Mental Health & Wellbeing and a range of other services. 

Community empowering community

The more individuals and organisations working towards one goal the stronger we are and the more successful we become. That’s why we ask our candidates who have worked with us to return as ‘Local Heroes’ and inspire the next cohort.


Work With Us

No one organisation can properly support young people on such an important journey at this stage of their life. We aim to take every step alongside our candidates, but we need our partners to be with us at each milestone as we move forward. We need schools, training providers, employers and many other organisations who share our commitment to growing the workforce of tomorrow. Who have a passion to ensure young people can reach their full potential in an area that most suits their talents.

Do you work with other under-represented groups? Do you share our passion for helping every individual fulfil their potential? Do our services complement each other? Or can we work together on a funding bid?

If that sounds like you and your organisation, then have a look at our Partners section to find out more.