Our ambassadors share our passion and believe what we are doing is right. They believe in equal access to opportunity, addressing gender inequality and providing robust and clear careers guidance from an early age. Click on the profiles below to read more about their story and why they wanted to be involved…

Danielle Green

Ambassador – Inspire, Train, Grow CIC

My journey into construction wasn’t the smoothest and was even quite disheartening at times. But inspired by the words of teachers insisting I wasn’t very academic and encouraged to move into beauty or hairdressing, I was determined to prove them wrong. It was clear that the construction industry was a man’s world though I was determined not to let that put me off and was willing to work harder and prove myself no matter what it took.  

I started off as a labourer which was very heavy work, but I did meet some nice colleagues who taught and helped me a lot. Unfortunately, after that I met and worked for some cruel people who I was convinced were trying to break me or make me give up. Some nights I went home so drained, mentally and physically I considered quitting but each morning I dusted myself off and carried on with a smile on my face. They wouldn’t win or make me quit – I deserved to have the career I wanted and enjoy it. 

Over the years I learned so much and worked on various projects, gaining valuable experience along the way. I finally got to undertake an apprenticeship which I completed with a distinction. Now at the age of 36 I am a fully qualified joiner and have met some amazing people on my journey. I feel my experience and story can help others who are beginning their own path. My message to them is don’t let anyone put you off your dreams or tell you that you can’t do something because it’s your life and your journey. 

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No one organisation can properly support young people on such an important journey at this stage of their life. We aim to take every step alongside our candidates, but we need our partners to be with us at each milestone as we move forward. We need schools, training providers, employers and many other organisations who share our commitment to growing the workforce of tomorrow. Who have a passion to ensure young people can reach their full potential in an area that most suits their talents.

Do you work with other under-represented groups? Do you share our passion for helping every individual fulfil their potential? Do our services complement each other? Or can we work together on a funding bid?

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